Bar stool, which wins at first glance with its minimalist look and straight lines. The metal legs offer stability, and together with the high quality furniture fabric they form a bar chair that will last for generations.

За да го искомбинирате во секој простор, изберете една од осумте нијанси на метал и мебел штоф кој најмногу ќе одговара на Вашиот стил.

The model is available in two heights, depending on the height of the bar. For a bar height of 90 cm, the lower model of Naomi A bar chair with a saddle height of 62 cm is suitable. While for a bar height of 105 cm is suitable higher model Naomi B with a saddle height of 75 cm.


width: 46 см

height: 94 см

depth: 52 см

saddle length: 40 см

saddle height: 62 см

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