Discover a new experience in everyday life with our adjustable “Clouds” club tables. They are available in four shapes and sizes, which can be combined according to your wishes. Choose from premium materials such as MDF oak, walnut, different colors or luxury laminate.

Choose the shape to suit your space, choosing between the timeless triangular, the elegant oval, the triangular shape with rounded corners. Create a coffee table that is uniquely yours, perfectly integrated into your decoration and raising the living room to a new level of elegance.

The Cloud coffee tables consist of four shapes, from the largest shape A which is 133/87 cm to the smallest shape D which is 62/58 cm. All tables can be of different heights, to be combined with each other.
Available sizes:
– Cloud A 133/87 cm
– Cloud B 90/85 cm
– Cloud C 88/83 cm
– Cloud D 62/58 cm
Available heights for them are:
-40 cm
-43 cm
-46 cm

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